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Name:Tracy or simp[le just C
Age: 13

Three Favorite Movies: Scarface, Pirates of the carribean, The Shning(old version)
Three Favorite Books:Romeo and juliet, A Great and terrible Beautiy, Les Miserables
Three Favorite Bands:Streetlight Manifesto, madness, Reel Big Fish
Three Favorite Words:I love you

Top Three Reasons you are Freaking Sweet.
Is there anyway to answer this question without sounding like an asshole? oh well
1. beacuse my hair is fucking awesome
2. Because I Xtreme walk at skate parks, and always get kicked out, but i look good doin it. haha just kidding
3. Because not being sweet, simply just isnt an option

What are your favorite cuss words?
1. conch
Who is your favorite Beatle? All of them. duh
Who makes the best cheeseburgers?- I'm a vegetarian
What is your favorite candy?- hmm... starbursts
What is your favorite cliche?- Losing virginity on prom night.
Who is your favorite person? (don't say your friend Joe, some one we have heard of):John Travolta
What's your vice?
Mainly prostitution...kidding

What are your views on...
Anarchy:wow no....
Euthanasia: now way jose
Astrology:it's pretty hip!
Robots:as they say... robots are a girls best friend
7th Heaven:it can be cool sometimes

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?London, because It's pretty and all cool and hip
Do you have cat-like reflexes?Oh, i wish!
What's your guilty pleasure?I have one?
It's 3 a.m. You're starving. You have $3.27. Where do you go?7 eleven Xtreme gulp!
What do you have on your walls? pictures
Do you enjoy Canadian television?not really

At Least Two Pictures. (You won't really be judged on looks, just on how freaking sweet you look.. well, maybe a little on looks)

Post a picture of your favorite painting.
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