Jeff Grande (jumbogold) wrote in freakingsweet,
Jeff Grande


Name: Jumbo Gold
Age: twenty
Gender: capricorn
Location: Katy's house
Height: kinda tall
Weight: 90 kgs

Three Favorite Movies: Old School; Who then Now?; Duck Soup
Three Favorite Books: The Bible; The Pentateuch; the Vedas
Three Favorite Bands: KoRn; the deftones; LaME
Three Favorite Words: Fuck; Not Allowed (directed towards significant other)

Top Three Reasons you are Freaking Sweet.
1)I am cooler than you
2)I am smarter than you
3) I'm all around better than you

What are your favorite cuss words? Fuck is the greatest word in the language. It can be and is used as anything.
Who is your favorite Beatle? George
Who makes the best cheeseburgers? Jack in the Box
What is your favorite candy? SKOR
What is your favorite cliche? Punk Rock Girls
Who is your favorite person? (don't say your friend Joe, some one we have heard of): Katy
What's your vice? smoking; drinking; pills; masterbation;

What are your views on...
Anarchy: In general, I don't think it's possible because at some point some form of government is established or implied. I think if we didn't have laws, then we could weed out the weak and live like No Escape.
Euthanasia: I believe Euthanasia is OK. If someone wants to die then fucking let them. I'm always down for helping someone die. I think the reason we do it for dogs and not for humans is because they ARE FUCKING DOGS AND WE ARE PEOPLE.
Astrology: Stars are boring.
Robots:Good for manufacturing. Bad for taking over the world and sending one back in time to kill the leader of the human resistance.
7th Heaven: why would you even ask? Everybody knows this show fucking rocks.

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? Italy or Russia, just because I've never been.
Do you have cat-like reflexes? Fuck no. I smoked those away long ago.
What's your guilty pleasure? Fifteen year olds
It's 3 a.m. You're starving. You have $3.27. Where do you go? Jack in the Box
What do you have on your walls? a giant poster of my face. the deftones. MC Esher.
Do you enjoy Canadian television? No

At Least Two Pictures. (You won't really be judged on looks, just on how freaking sweet you look.. well, maybe a little on looks)

Post a picture of your favorite painting.

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